About Me

Why I Started Paragon Fitness

Hello everyone, my name is Joshua Henshall, and I am a ISSA certified personal trainer who specializes in helping parents who want to achieve their dream body but feel they may not have the time for the gym.

As a parent myself, I know the responsibility is huge, especially when you have to juggle everything else like work and family time. However, I have unlocked ways in which achieving a dream body can be a reality for you! Even if you feel like you have no time to visit a gym!

Too many people believe you have to hit the gym to get the perfect body shape, but that simply isn't true. Although the variety of weights and machines at the gym certainly help, you can achieve results without relying on them, and this is where I can help you!

After becoming a parent, I realized the challenges and demands that come with this new role. It is not only about taking care of a newborn but also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for myself. I understood the importance of being physically fit and mentally strong to be the best parent I could be. This realization led me to become a personal trainer, as I wanted to assist other new parents in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Through my training sessions, I provide guidance on exercises tailored for their needs and offer nutritional advice to ensure they have the energy to keep up with their little ones. Seeing the positive impact I can make on their lives and witnessing their transformation gives me immense satisfaction and motivates me to continue helping new parents achieve their health and fitness goals.